Learn from the most famous barber in the world, coming Canada for the 2nd time to the Toronto Barber Expo to demonstrate the perfect fade, and how to create graphic designs using a T-blade trimmer & razor. Sprinkling salt, burning gunpowder, carving watermelons, wiping dust, cutting hair. To most people these would sound like a string of random activities that have nothing to do with each other. Put Roberto Ferrel, or, more commonly known as Rob the Original into the picture and suddenly it makes sense. The San Antonio based barber slash artist makes art out of anything he can get his hands on, but his perhaps most jaw-dropping works are the hair portraits he cuts and shaves into the back of his customers’ heads. Think of the most significant people of our time and chances are, Rob the Original has created a hair portrait of them: Tupac, Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Heath Ledger’s Joker, and the list goes on. INFRINGE takes a look at a selection of his hair art and talks to Rob about his journey to becoming the social media sensation Rob the Original. This showstopper is a must-see for anyone who is passionate about hair and wants to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Whether you are a seasoned stylist - barber or a beginner, you are sure to learn something new and be inspired by his talent.